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About Ara Hakobyan
Ara Hakobyan was born in capital of Armenia, in Yerevan, and raised in the family of famous Art critic. Starting from adolescence, he demonstrated exclusive passion to Art and painting.

Upon graduation of Fine Arts faculty of Yerevan State Art Academy, painting department, Ara continued his education in Venice Art Academy (Academia D’Arte di Venezia) in 2001. Currently, Ara Hakobyan is an accredited member of Armenian Union of Painters. Doctor or Fine Arts and Art Criticism. Professor of Art Methodology faculty of Yerevan Pedagogic University. Running Art History, Theory and Culturology Department since 2008.

Ara has participated in many local and international exhibitions in Armenia, France and Italy, and collected multiple awards and wide recognition. Personal exhibitions were held in Venice in 2001, Yerevan and in Paris in 2015. Ara is an author of many at books and publications.

From the very first observation of Ara Hakobyan’s paintings one gets a very strong impression of the artist’s internal culture, creativity, unique painting skills, sense of colors and character observation. Hakobyan’s art is characterized by human intimacy and lyricism, even when the picture is merely nature or “a quiet life of objects”.

The interrogation is not only that the paintings are lyrical, but first of all, that almost everywhere one can evidence a sign of a man-made hand trajectory, due to which the nature is transformed into another civilization reality. In this interesting and unique way, the artist tends to see the positive aspects of civilization and man-made creatures. more
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1566319266-1. a lady on the stony beach,  2019, acrylic, canvas, 24x30 inch, 61x76,5 cm.jpg

A lady on the stony beach - One of a kind Paintings, 24 H x 30 W x 0.4 in
$ 860
1566237355-1. chinese temple, 2018, acrylic, canvas, 19,6x23,6 inch, 50x60 cm.jpg

Chinese temple – One of a Kind Paintings, 19.6 H x 23.6 W x 0.4 in
$ 860
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