Frequently Asked Questions



What's Artist profile ?

  • Approved Artist can exhibit thir unique and exquiste artwork in VayerArt Gallery's Webite


What's Collector profile ?

  • Collectors are able to browse, compare, and buy unique artworks exhibited in  VayerArt Gallery.


Do I need to create an account?

  • You are free to browse and  view all artworsk in VayerArt Gallery but you have to create  Collector profile in order to purchase artworks


How do I navigate the VayerArt Gallery’s webpage to find artwork that I like?

  • You can start by browsing our online gallery using the general category tab on top of the home page (i.e. Paintings, Photography, etc.).
  • If you hover over the general categories you will see drop down menus of more specific categories.
  • You can choose whichever category you like to view all artwork in that category.
  • You can choose a price range to narrow down your search.
  • If you are looking for a specific artist or a specific piece of artwork you can search for it using the Search bar on top of the page.
  • Once you find what you are looking for you can click on the image to view more details.
  • There you have the option to zoom in the image, view it in a room (places the artwork in a room setting to give perspective of size and look), add to favorites, or add to cart.
  • You can also easily share the artwork with your friends by clicking on the conveniently placed social media icons.

I am having trouble logging into my account. What should I do?

  • Use the “Forgot Password” option to retrieve your password.
  • Use your Facebook user name and password to login.

How do I apply to exhibit my artwork at VayerArt Gallery?

  • First, you need to create a personal account by providing your first and last names and an e-mail address. You can also use your Facebook Login information to do this.
  • When you sign into your personal account you can click on your name appearing on the top ribbon of the page. Then click on the Settings tab and choose Artist as your Profile Type. Once you save your choice new tabs will appear on the left side of the web page.
  • Click on Identification tab and submit a copy of your valid Driver’s License, state ID, or passport and input your Legal Name. Be assured that your ID information is secure from the moment it leaves your computer. We use encrypted servers to store the image that can only be accessed by VayerArt Gallery’s admins.
  • You will receive an e-mail shortly after stating whether or not you have been granted a permission to exhibit your art in our online gallery.
  • If you are approved you can start uploading your art right away by going to your profile page and clicking on the Upload Art tab.
  • You would also need to submit the tax forms before you can get paid. You can do this any time before your first sale.

Who is in charge of reviewing artist information and based on what information is the artist approved or denied?

  • VayerArt Gallery’s admins review the artist applications and approve based on legal age (minors will not be approved) and a valid identification document.

Can artists living outside of the United States apply?

  • At this point in time only artists who reside in the States can apply. However, we are working on making our online gallery available for international artists as well. Please, check back with us periodically for updates.

Can a collector living outside of the United States make purchases?

  • Yes, we do ship internationally. The shipping might take longer due to shipping distance and customs laws in each country. Be assured that we will keep a close eye on the shipping progress to make sure proper delivery. Also, international collectors must pay for shipping of the artwork. 

Can I upload my profile photo?

  • When you sign into your personal account you can click on your name appearing on the top ribbon of the page. That will direct you to your personal profile where you can upload a photo that represents you, write about yourself, your education, and your experience.
  • You can also paste the links to your social media sites.

Where can I find the artworks that I marked as Favorites?

  • When you sign into your personal account you can click on your name appearing on the top ribbon of the page.
  • Click on Favorites tab.

Where can I track my orders?

  • When you sign into your personal account you can click on your name appearing on the top ribbon of the page.
  • Click on Orders Tab.

Where can I see the artwork that I uploaded?

  • When you sign into your personal account you can click on your name appearing on the top ribbon of the page.
  • Click on Artworks.

Where can I add/update my address? 

  • When you sign into your personal account you can click on your name appearing on the top ribbon of the page.
  • Click on Address tab

How can I change my current password or update my e-mail address?

  • When you sign into your personal account you can click on your name appearing on the top ribbon of the page.
  • Click on Settings tab.

What kind of artwork can be listed and purchased in VayerArt Gallery?

  • Art in every genre, style, size, and media can be exhibited and purchased in our gallery.
  • If you create a unique work of art that does not fit the current categories on our website, we will create a new category tab just for you.

How does VayerArt gallery market the art exhibited on the website?

  • Online advertising campaign
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media pages
  • Social media advertising
  • E-mail subscriptions
  • Flyers and posters
  • Art fair advertisements

What is the commission structure like?

  • We split the sale of artwork 30/70, where 30% of the sale price goes to VayerArt Gallery and 70% of the price goes to the artist.

Who is pays for the shipping the artwork?

  • VayerArt Gallery will take care of all shipping costs for shipments in the US and Canada.
  • We will send an e-mail to the artist with the prepaid shipping label after a sale has been made.
  • For international shipments the collector will pay for shipping and artist will receive an e-mail with prepaid shipping label.

Is the artwork insured while in transit?

  • Yes, all artworks will be insured for their whole value. If there is any damage during shipping (assuming that the packing was done correctly) we will help the artist file for reimbursement.

Who pays for the shipping/packaging supplies?

  • The artist is responsible for purchasing necessary shipping and packaging supplies. 

How will the artist know what’s the best way to package the artwork to prevent damage during shipping?

  • The artist will need to follow the packaging instructions that will be e-mail to them when their artwork sells. Same instructions can be found in our Shipping page. Failure to follow those guidelines might void the shipping insurance.

How long has VayerArt Gallery been in business?

  • VayerArt Gallery was established in 2016.

Where is VayerArt Gallery based?

  • Our main office is located in Los Angeles, California.

If artists exhibit their work at VayerArt Gallery, may they also list them in other online or physical galleries?

  • Yes. Feel free to exhibit your art wherever you'd like! Your success is our success!

Does the artist need to sign his/her artwork?

  • Yes, please sign all your artwork to ensure proper credit to the creator/artist. 

How will the artist know if the artwork has sold? What will be the next steps?

  • When a collector purchases an artwork, the artist will get an automatic e-mail notifying them about the transaction.
  • That e-mail will also list instructions on how to proceed for preparing the art for shipment. Please, follow the instructions closely.

When and how does the artist receive payment for sold artwork?

  • The payments are disbursed 14 days after the artwork arrives at its destination. The artist must log on to their personal profile and request payment. The artist may choose to get paid via PayPal or check by mail.


What is VayerArt Gallery’s return policy?

  • We offer a 14 days satisfaction guarantee to our collectors.
  • If the collector decides to return the artwork they must send it back within that timeframe using the original packaging materials. 
  • VayerArt Gallery will pay for shipping and will reimburse the collector.
  • If an artwork is returned the artist will be notified right away.


How does a collector return a piece of artwork?

  • The collector has 14 days satisfaction guarantee. They can return artwork within that time frame.
  • The collector must keep the original packaging that the art came in with. 
  • If the collector decides to return the artwork he/she must notify VayerArt Gallery by submitting a return request through their personal account.
  • We will issue a free return shipping label and e-mail it to the collectors in US and Canada.
  • International collectors must pay for return shipments.
  • Then the collector must package the artwork and drop it off with the designated currier. 
  • Once the artwork arrives at its destination the refund will be issued.
  • There will be no returns accepted after 14 day window has expired.


What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art?

  • If you receive a damaged piece of art, contact us within 24 hours.
  • Please, take pictures of the damaged box or artwork and keep all the original packing materials until further notice.

How many days will it take for the artwork to arrive to the collector after purchase is made?

  • Artwork will be shipped within 7 business days.
  • It will take another 5-7 business days for it to be delivered.
  • Once it’s shipped the collector will receive an email with a tracking number which can be used to get a more accurate estimate of arrival date.
  • If you need an artwork sooner, please contact us before you place your order so that we can arrange expedited shipping with the artist and the currier.

What forms of payments are accepted by VayerArt Gallery?

  • We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

May I speak with the artists before I make my purchase?

  • Yes, you may send messages to artists.


Can I remove or disable my Artist or Collector account if I no longer want to use VayerArt Gallery's website?

  • Collectors can removee their account any time they want. Artists must submit a request for account removal to VayerArt Gallery before their account can be removed. They will get an e-mail notification withing 7 business days regarding their request and action taken.


How can I contact VayerArt Gallery if I have more questions or comments?